• About Me

  • Path and Mission

    Audrie Henry is an entrepreneur, ordained open faith minister, priestess, ritual maker, energyworker and a certified life coach.  Her early career began in business and corporate accounting, allowing her to support her two children, while also dedicating her life to being a student of inclusive spirituality and holistic living.   In January of 2014 she was called to use her gifts to create customized wedding ceremonies, and has now united over 700 couples in marriage.  

    All paths she has been on have met beautifully, here, in this place called Audrie Henry Life Enrichment Services where she serves as a wedding officiant, assistant/consultant to wedding professionals, relationship/parenting/spiritual coach, holistic healing practitioner and public speaker.  She has truly found her passion in being of service to others.  Her mission in life is to support people in aligning with their personal, professional and spiritual desires through her services.  

    Studies, Affiliations and Teachers

    Audrie studied business and accounting at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Her Reiki lineage is in the Dr. Mikao Usui tradition. She received certification and attunement in Level I & II by Reiki Master Briana Brooks. She became a certified life coach through the Life Coaching Institute of America and received training in the art of Motivational Interviewing.  She is also an oracle of a shamanic healing tradition called The Balanzu Way, brought to her by one of her teachers in Portland, Jai Medina. Much of Audrie's spiritual and communal nurturing is received at the Celebration Circle, where she has been a celebrant for many years and serves on the Council of Stewards as treasurer for the organization. Besides the above mentioned, Audrie's endless list of teachers consists of everyone from the roadside homeless lady dancing with abandon, to family, to spiritual pioneers, to the ascended masters. 

    Additional Joys and Passions

    Other joys and passions in her life include mothering her daughter (18yrs) and son (16yrs), kitties, gardening, nature, community,  Indian food, cooking, traveling to new places, supporting equality and co-creating love, lessons & adventures with other humans.  Feel free to reach out if you are called to any of her services, or if you would just like to make a new friend!